Courses for schools

Looking for a fresh, modern way to bring cookery lessons to your school?

Our professional London cookery school is a respected authority in the food industry - most parents will recognise the name 'Leiths'. 

Beyond our four walls, we are proud to run cookery courses in schools across the UK.

Pupils learn food hygiene, knife skills and kitchen management, whilst developing independence, teamwork and creativity. By the end of their course they'll have a great set of skills for life, whether they're whipping up a healthy midweek meal or cooking on a ski season or GAP year.

From our five term Introductory Certificate (with 36 UCAS points on offer), to our Let’s Cook! sessions for Year 5 and above, we have a solution to fit your timetable. 

We'll help you foster a love of good, healthy food in your pupils, to last for a lifetime.

"“The opening of the Truro School Cookery School, where we run Leiths Academy classes, was a high quality response to ongoing feedback from parents and pupils. It has had an enormous benefits for our pupils, our parents and the local community.”"

- Andrew Gordon-Brown, previous Headmaster, Truro School

How to...

From perfecting pastry to filleting fish, this section is packed with easy-to-follow, expert guides to help you improve your cooking skills and techniques.