Leiths Cookery Toolbox

Consisting of twelve 1.5 hour cooking sessions, this hands-on, fun-packed course will give pupils, working as a pair, the opportunity to master the building blocks of cooking.

This course fulfils the requirements for the ‘New Skill’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

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The Leiths Toolbox course is suitable for years 10 to 13 

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Pupils will gain a range of key cooking skills including knife skills, time planning, food safety, kitchen hygiene and healthy eating as they learn to cook a range of tasty dishes.

From simple recipes to meals for family and friends, pupils will gain the skills and inspiration to keep on cooking with confidence long after the course has finished.

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Lesson 1: A snack attack - hummus, carrot batons and simple flat breads.

Lesson 5: Mustard baked chicken with sweet potatoes roasted with lemon, red onion and sweet paprika. Chocolate brownies.

Lesson 12: Leek and mushroom gougère, sautéed carrots with cumin.  Pavlova

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Pupils will follow a time plan for each lesson to guide their time management,  awareness of food hygiene and safe working.  Photographs of the dishes served each week will create a record to contribute to the course evidence folder along with a menu planning exercise and a meal review which will then be submitted to Leiths.  Successful pupils will receive a Leiths Certificate of Attendance  

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Using a wide range of skills with vegetarian alternatives were necessary, here is a selection of the dishes included on this course

  • Koftas or Falafel
  • BLT salad
  • A thin crust pizza
  • Salmon with sweet and hot crust
  • Roast chicken
  • Pineapple and mango in lime caramel sauce
  • Chocolate brownies
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"My daughter loves her Leiths lessons – a total change from academic time at school. It does require effort on her part but fits in with an already busy schedule. She is gaining a set of skills which will last for life – whatever she does in the future, cooking and a love of good food will play a major part. Lots of cooking and experimenting going on in the holidays – it’s relaxing! – and I get lunch or supper cooked – everyone is happy!"

- Parent

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